Thursday, June 11

First Tinder Date After ExecuteTheProgram

So i matched with a cute blonde girl on Tinder.  My first thought was "i'm not gonna fuck this up"

I send her my standard opening line (which i got from Jeffy, and i don't want people to steal, so i'm not going to post it here)

Girl Response: "Maybe you can teach me"
Me: "i'll bet you say that to all the boys"  (i'm trying to tease her)
Girl Response: "lol...of course i do!!!"  (i think she's playing with me)
Me: "We should meet for drinks....Sangria and tapas!!!"
Girl Response: "sounds awesome.  i luv tapas"
Me:  "Friday 7pm?"
Girl: "ok, i can do that"
Me: "ok, cool."  (and i give her the address of my favorite tapas place)
Me: "text the day of...just to confirm we are still on?"
Girl: "sounds good"

--Day of--
Me: tapas and sangria tonight!!!!
Girl: yummay
Me: wear something hot, so we match....7pm
Girl: lol, ok

I get to the tapas place first, grab a seat and order a pitcher of happy hour sangria (girls are always late....always always always).

I meet the girl with Jeffy's standard opening line, spin her into a hug/peck on the cheek.  Best Tinder date yet (so far)

I start going thru Jeffy's conversation points in a flirty way, and this girl is eating it all up.  Either she is longing for some decent flirting, or i've gotten pretty good at this stuff (i've watched the Jeffy infield videos at least 4-5 times by now, so i've practically memorized this stuff).  Within about 10min i'm teasing her, flipping her hair, playing with her hands.  About 30min into the date i say "there's just something about you" and i go in for a quick kiss (this caught girl off guard).  I make sure i'm the first one to pull away, and i keep on talking like nothing happened.  I can tell the girl is trying to figure out "what just happened" but i'm all smiling and being playful, and she is smiling too, so i think i'm running the Jeffy script to perfection.  The girls eyes have gotten "bigger" or maybe her pupils are dilated.  I'm not sure...she's only had one glass of sangria, so she can't be drunk.  She is definitely attracted to me.  We keep flirting for another 15min.

Ok, so i'm thinking, time to end on a high note...lets try to pull.  So i grab her hand and say "lets get out of here" and she says "ok."  (total bar tab for 1 pitcher of happy hour sangria = $20).

We walk out the door, and onto the sidewalk...we walk down the block holding hands, and i can tell that this girl is very "bambi eyes" attracted to me right i figure, why not try.

Me: "so where do you live?"
Girl: "Murray Hill"
Me: "oh cool, i've never really been"
Girl: "really"
Me: well, i mean i've been there, but i've never lived there
 --we talk about living in Manhattan for the next few minutes as we walk thru the village--
Me: "i need to sit down...on a couch...lets go back to your place and just chill"
 --i'm expecting the girl to say "you are not coming back to my apartment"..but that's not what happens
Girl: "ok"

--we hop in a cab, and she give the address...i'm thinking "SCORE!!!--

So, we walk into her apartment...its a studio, but she's made it look nice..very girly..lots of art and knicknacks.

I ask her for a glass of water, and follow her into the kitchen.  She pours a glass of water and hands it to me.  I take a sip, put the glass on the counter, grab her hips, and pull her into me, and we start to make-out in her kitchen.

At this point, things start to get hot and heavy, and i essentially strip off both our clothes and direct her to be the star in my favorite porn.  I'm thinking "this was too easy...this is fucking awesome"
I say "go down on me"...and she does.  Well, that was easy.  I tell her to "suck on my fucking cock" and she does.  I tell her to get on her knees, and she does.  I grab her hair and spank her, and tell her to beg...and she does.  The sex was hot...i went thru 2 condoms.  I slept over, and went home to my own apt the next morning after we had breakfast.  It was pretty chill.

Let me just say, this was awesome.  I'm definitely going to go out with this girl again, and she seems smitten, for now anyway.
And i owe it all to Jeffy.  In the past, i would have stayed at the restaurant for 2-3 hours, maybe kiss at the end, and that would have been it.  Now, i'm having hot sex on the first date, all within 90 minutes of meeting the girl.

Going to Bootcamp

I'm at an age where most people would call me an "eligible bachelor."  I live in NYC (in Manhattan) in a small apartment, i work for one of the large investment banks (like 50% of other New Yorkers) and i'm a single guy. (do any non-single guys have blogs about their personal lives?).  I'm not an actual "investment banker" but i have a decent paying job.  I should probably move to brooklyn or astoria to save some $$ on rent.  Sadly, i think i'm pretty ugly.   Seriously, i look like the stereotypical ugly jewish guy. No, not Tom Cruise...i wish.  More like Steve Carol.  Maybe not that extreme...but more Steve then Tom.  This is hard to say...but, its the truth.

Anyway, a couple years ago i read this book called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists (i saw it on a table at the bookstore inside Barnes and Noble).  I'll admit, the fake-leather imitation bible look got me curious.  I'm not religious or anything, but i was curious...intrigued.

I don't have a lot of friends.  I have a few that i've known since i was a little kid, only a couple from college that i've stayed in touch with just a little (my college roommate moved to Atlanta), i've made some "acquaintances" at work, and i have a decently sized family.  I'm not a "lone wolf" but i wouldn't say that i have a huge social circle.  None of my good long-time friends live in the city, so i'm in a place where i somehow need to make new friends.  I've had a few girlfriends (one from high school, one from college that i met in a class, 2 from, 2 from, but i wouldn't call myself a ladies man.  My grandmother always told me i was a good looking jewish boy, but grandmothers say that no matter what, so you gotta take it with a grain of salt.  If i was being objective, i'd say that all the girls that i dated chose me.  I was never the chooser, and as such, i was never super attracted to the girls i dated.  It sucks to be in a relationship when you think "i guess this is the best i can get."  I'm not trying to make myself sound pathetic...i think i was just average.

So anyway, back to the story, i read the book (i was single at the time), and i laughed. Oh boy did i laugh.  These stories were absolutely hilarious.  I first thought that reading this book would teach me how to pickup girls, and oh boy did i read that book fast.  Only took me a week, and i don't read very often.  The stories almost seemed too good to be true.  Nerdy guy (hey, that's me) hangs out with a "pickup artist" and learns how to pickup any girl that he wants.  All of a sudden, i could be the one doing the choosing.  I could go out, see a girl that i was super attracted to, and "pick her up."  This was exactly what i wanted to be able to do.

Yeah, that's not how this works.  After reading the book, i found myself wondering "so, what was the line?"  So, what do i actually say to get a girl attracted to me?  Exactly what do i wear?  What do i say to convince this "hot girl" to come back to my apartment and hookup with me?  What do i say and do to make her into my girlfriend?  I had all these questions.  Unfortunately, the book didn't answer these questions...the book just alluded to these mystical lines that a guy could say to manipulate the girl to do whatever he wanted (TheGame was very well written, and very entertaining...but not an actual HowTo guide).  Even if my intentions were "good" (i was looking for a girlfriend after-all) i still didn't know exactly what to do.  I tried going out to some spots that i read about as "good places to meet single women" but once i got there, i realized "i have no clue what i'm doing."  I'd walk up to the bar, order a drink, have a look around, try to get comfortable...and then about 30min later, start feeling uncomfortable and leave.

I felt duped...either the book didn't teach me what i thought it was going to teach me (it didn't) or i just suck.  To be honest, it was a little of both.  I don't have "game."  I think i'm a very shy person, and in the moment when i saw a really smoking hot girl, instead of walking up to her and saying "hi there" (with a confident know, what normal people do) i froze, stared for a couple seconds, and turned around and walked away.


I have a good job.  I have a good family.  I had a happy childhood.  I have a few childhood friends that know me very well.  I can provide for my future family.  Why am i afraid to talk to a girl that i think is insanely beautiful??  So afraid that i don't even try?  I'm not in college...that was years ago.  I am weak, a coward, pathetic.  I'll either wind up alone, or with a random girl that chooses me...not a girl that i chose. This feeling SUUUUCKS.

So then i flipped thru the book a few more times, and i read the part about where Mystery teaches bootcamps.  They charge an insane amount of money ($3,000) for 3 days to teach you how to be  a "pickup artist."  They teach a couple magic tricks that you can use to "attract" the hot girls.  They teach what makes a girl attracted to a guy.  They teach how to get over approach anxiety. (i never knew i had approach anxiety...i guess that's the knot in my stomach that makes me shrivel in fear).

So, after reading some reviews online, i signed up for a bootcamp.   THIS WILL SOLVE ALL MY PROBLEMS (or so i thought).   I can't believe i was stupid enough to pay somebody $3000 for a bootcamp when i had no reference experience.  Was this expensive?  Was it cheap?  I had no clue.

So, as it turns out, the entire mystery method bootcamp lecture can now be found on youtube for free.  Was it educational?  Yeah, a little.  Was it worth $3000??  HELL NO.

The bootcamp was split into 2 parts, and there were about 12 guys attending.
1) Lecture about female psychology, male psychology, and some "tactics"
2) "in field" experience.  We went to a restaurant/bar/club @ 9pm on a Friday night, and tried out what we were taught, while an instructor watched and helped out with some pointers.

To my surprise, some of the opening lines worked (i was still nervous tho) and i was able to start a conversation with a couple cute girls.  But then something strange happened.  I ran out of things to say.  The instructors told me that i just needed to memorize some more stories to tell.  They held a story telling exercise where we practiced telling our life stories.  At the time, this all seemed perfectly normal.  Now, it feels kind of "icky"  And to top it off...none of this stuff really worked in the long run.  As it turns out, most girls have heard all the opening lines by now...and when a nerdy guy says them, well, it just comes across as needy and try-hard, and NOT ATTRACTIVE.

Going to a Mystery Method bootcamp did not turn me into a pickup artist.  It was eye-opening and a little entertaining, but not everything i had hoped for, and definitely not worth $3000.  I watched one of the "instructors" introduce himself to a girl, flirt with her, tease her, within 10 minutes was kissing her, and 30min later they left together.   I thought "wow, someday, that will be me."  I was an idiot.  I wish somebody had told me i was wasting my money.  Experience can be an expensive teacher.

So, 6 months pass, and i read some blogs about guys who were experimenting with picking up girls, and i followed their stories.  I tried to do the exercises that i was taught at the bootcamp, but still no real progress.  Over time, i see the "secret lines" being posted on the internet as a clearly, not a secret anymore.  In retrospect, the "lines" were pretty stupid...picking up a girl has nothing to do with the actual "line"...but more about that later.

Then, thankfully, i stumble across the website for the arch-enemy from TheGame.  RealSocialDynamics (RSD).  In the book, these guys were evil.   They stole the ideas from Mystery.  They started a rival competitor company.  They were very manipulative.  I bought into that idea from the book without really questioning it.  But then i read some stuff from their website, and it seemed a little different from MysteryMethod (now called LoveSystems).

As it turns out, RSD also teach bootcamps, but they only cost $2000.  I felt like an idiot right there.  I spent an extra $1000 for "nothing."  Did i get anything extra for my additional $1000?  Turns out, nope...nothing.  They just have good marketing.   Don't you just hate that?

So i subscribed to the RSD email list, and read their free stuff.  I'll admit, it was entertaining.  But i still didn't understand how to walk into a venue (bar, lounge, club, restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store, ect..) and approach a girl that i was attracted to.    I JUST DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  I had already gone to a Mystery Method bootcamp (straight out of the book) and trust me, if i could go back in time, i would not do it again.  Definitely a waste of money.

Finally, i stumbled on the promo website for something called PIMP by Julien, SHIFT by Julien and ExecuteTheProgram by Jeffy (you can find them in the section Forums --> Store).  OMFG, this is what i was looking for.  Julien and Jeffy are head coaches for RSD.  These guys managed to create video programs that blow away the MysteryMethod bootcamp.  They have hours of "infield" footage showing you exactly what to do.  Not just what they say (which is actually pretty funny) but how they say it, how they present themselves, how they get over "Approach Anxiety" EVERYTHING.

There is a phrase "you don't know what good is until you've actually SEEN good."  Its like saying you don't like chocolate when you've never TASTED chocolate.  Mind Blown...again.  There are a  couple movies (Hitch and Crazy Stupid Love come to mind) where guys pickup girls, and i thought "hey, i can do that" but it turns out that real life is nothing like the movies.  That's not to say that it can't be done...but the movies have it ALL WRONG.

I realized that taking a bootcamp gives you a taste of the experience, but i wasn't able to remember & see everything.  All the subtle mannerisms that distinguish a shy guy from a confident guy (some of these things are subtle).  I had to watch certain parts of the videos a couple times to see all the nuance.

THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED.  I've now seen most of the products in the RSD store...while none are "bad" these 3 are the creme'de'la'creme, and everything i wish i'd had many years ago.

While each program has different price points, these are what i purchased.
Pimp - $200
Shift - $600
ExecuteTheProgram - $500
($1300 total)

All 3 together cost less than a bootcamp, and i get to watch them over and over when i have any questions.

Why did i get all 3?  Easy
Pimp teaches all the tactics of Game.  Everything i needed to know regarding tactics when going out on how to open and flirt with a girl.  How to make a girl attracted to me.  How to make a girl want to make-out with me.  How to get girls to vie for my attention.  How to take a girl home the same night.  How to get a girl to bang in the venue bathroom !!!!

Not lines to memorize (well, there are a few, but they are easy and funny) but how to come up with fresh things to say on the spot that girls freaking love.  Its so brilliant, i'm just amazed.  This was the lightbulb that i wished had gone off in my head when i took the mystery method bootcamp.

Shift has 6 full infield videos (from open to close).   I had never actually seen a great pickup until Shift (that movie "Hitch" was nothing like reality...this stuff is reality...and this is what works).  Mind Blown.  (Pimp has some short clips for demonstration, and its enough to learn the tactics, but Shift has the complete interaction)  The promo for Shift talks about how to transform your mindset, and i guess there's something there, but the real value was the infield videos.  In these videos (if you've already watched Pimp) you get to see Julien do EVERYTHING that he teaches in Pimp from open to close in multiple different environments, with different types of girls.  FUCKING AMAZING.

So, Pimp = the final say on theory....everything you need to know about real life Game tactics.
Shift = the practical application of the Pimp theory.

These 2 programs are tailor made to go together like peanut-butter and jelly.

ExecuteTheProgram teaches how to do the "online" equivalent.  I used to use jdate, match, okcupid and Tinder...but i didn't have the kind of success that i wanted.  Most of the really hot girls on Tinder wouldn't match with me, and most girls wouldn't respond to my messages on okcupid, jdate or match.  The dates that i did go on...well, they just didn't "pop.,"  Its hard to describe a dud, except to say, i went on a lot of duds.

ExecuteTheProgram fixes all that.  Jeffy teaches what to do, and what NOT to do (from how to make a killer profile, what to email / text...where to go for the date, and EXACTLY what to do on the date).  Plus, there are 6 infield videos of dates that he went on, from open to close (plus the full text dialogue from Tinder).  This was amazing.  Before, lots of my online dates were just duds, because i didn't really know what i was doing (dates are subtly different from picking up a girl in a bar).  Now that i've seen how Jeffy does a date, i can see how much of a chode i used to be.  Now, almost every Tinder or okcupid date i go on ends up with me back at the girls apartment, or at the very least, a makeout and another date, where i end up at the girls apartment.  NO MORE DUDS!!!

I've seen lots of their other programs, but they were all WEAK compared to these 3.
I wish i had just started with these 3, and that's it.  I would have needed nothing more, and i would have saved a lot of $$.

If i'm honest, my typical date used to be go like this
-meet at a restaurant / bar
-order drinks and appetizers
-interview mode chit chat
-i pay (usually about $80-100)
-girl gives me peck on the cheek and leaves, never to be heard from again

I must have gone on 20-30 dates like this.  That's $3000 (plus cabs) that i spent on 1st dates, with nothing to show for it...and THEN i found RSD.  Now i barely spend any $$ on dates anymore (usually, girls will buy me drinks and appetizers...i found out that girls LOVE TO BUY STUFF FOR GUYS).  I never knew this.  I can't believe how much $$ i wasted.  It turns out, girls love to do stuff for the men they are "into"...its the "nurturing" instinct.  I can think of all sorts of ways to take advantage of this if i wanted to...

Ok...this is too long for my introduction.  My next post will be my field i've been doing with post-RSD Game.  i feel like a new man after having gone thru the RSD video bootcamp programs (these are bootcamps in a box...but better, because i get to watch them over and over whenever i need a refresher).

If you are reading this and feel that you are not James fucking Bond when it comes to dating the smoking hot girls, then i HIGHLY STRONGLY STRENUOUSLY SUGGEST you go to the RSD website and checkout the PIMP, SHIFT and ExecuteTheProgram products.  Its free just to check it out.

I've seen a lot of stuff from other "pickup gurus" and except for these 3 items, its all crap.  This stuff is FUCKING GOLD.